Our Customized Research Offers…

To succeed in today’s complex, fast-changing markets, it is not enough to know what products people are buying or what services they are using; you must know why. That’s where MSSL comes in.

At MSSL, we focus on consumers to help clients answer their most pressing questions, which include:


Where do people shop?
When do they shop?
What do they buy?
How much do they spend?
Why do they choose one brand or service over another?
What makes them loyal to a brand or service?
What makes them switch?


In providing answers to these questions and more, we contribute to our Client’s success by providing a better understanding of their markets.



A. Complete solution

From specification of the problem to direct marketing applications, including selection of appropriate methods,
designing of the study, analyses, conclusions and recommendations.

B. Support services

Recruitment for FGDs, fieldwork for quantitative studies, including reliable data in various formats, basic statistics, graphs, tables, etc.
Through MSSL’s range of research services, you can:

Track consumer changes
Monitor competition
Identify trends at early stage

These leads to :

Risk reduction
Performance improvement
Competitive advantage