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Why Invest in Ara Minerals Limited

 Given the current market situation, this is one of the best times to invest in the gold sector. Particularly within a country that has recently legislated reforms, through the implementation of a modern Mining Code to promote investment in the mining and exploration sector.

Mining in Nigeria is administered through the Federal Ministry of Mines & Steel, which is promoting private-sector led development and has initiated deep and wide ranging positive reforms through the implementation of the Nigerian Minerals and Mining Act 2007.
These reforms include a new mineral policy emphasizing private sector participation in the exploitation of metals and minerals by ensuring security of tenure, a clearly defined tax regime, guaranteed concessions such as tax holidays deferred royalty payments, capitalization of exploration and property cost expenditure and 100% foreign ownership of mining and exploration concerns.
ARA was an early entrant into Nigerian exploration sector upon the new Mining Act; as such the company was thus able to pick up concessions over prospective schist belt geology.


The Kiri Project area is predominately underlain by meta-sediment and meta-igneous rock groups often referred to as schist belt. The Nigerian schist belts are confined to a NNE trending zone around 300km wide in the western part of the country. The schist belts contain variably distributed granites occurring as well defined plutons. The majority of known gold deposits in Nigeria are associated with schist belt geology.
The gold mineralization within the Nigerian Schist Belts is currently interpreted to be around 530Ma age, coincident with the Pan-African deformation event that has produced major structural features across the continent.
There is the opportunity to invest in ARA Minerals Limited Gold and Iron Ore mining project that presents amongst other Endeavour’s, an early stage green field exploration project in Nigeria, highly prospective for gold and associated metals. Exploration for gold and base metal deposits in the Nigerian Pan-African basement holds significant potential for the discovery of economic resources. The company has actively undertaking gold exploration at the Kiri Project for over two years. The Kiri Project covers an area of approximately 376 km2 and comprises two adjoining licenses located in central Nigeria. ARA Minerals Limited has undertaken several short phases of exploration to date, consisting of mapping; pitting; orientation sampling; regional soil sampling; and detailed soil sampling. Furthermore, artisanal gold mining has been previously undertaken within the project area.